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Finding You The Best Travel Gear.

Running a Work & Travel Company in Australia & NZ for 12 years has meant that the notion of packing lightly, travelling light, and buying quality gear to last the long haul is deeply engrained in us as we continue to travel.

As Founder and Director of International Exchange Programs (IEP), we looked after thousands of backpackers from all over the world who came to Australia on a Working Holiday Maker Visa. Thousands of Australians chose us to be supported on their overseas experience. 

USA, UK, Spain, Japan, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, The Netherlands were just a few destinations that many chose to begin their Adventure-based learning experiences. Programs designed for children and adults, Internships, Outdoor Adventure Expeditions, & Camps were for the taking.

Everyone over packed!  We ran information sessions to prepare & promote quality travel gear. 

Having left the Work and Travel Industry, the travel bug has never waned. I continue to be on the look out for products that make a difference on how we travel and how we impact the environment. Having travelled across and around the globe we want you too, to be a travel minimalist. It's liberating to travel light. 

We strive to find unique eco friendly sustainable products that will make your life easier on the road, whether you are going away on a girls weekend, camping, partying at a music festival, enjoy living in a van and camping, heading off on a business trip and taking some time out, or are taking some time out to go on overseas adventure. 

We are also Inspired by locally made products that are eco friendly, sustainable, designed and thought about  by creative minds. Drop us a line if you see something really great, environmentally sassy and savvy.

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Packing Light. Sharing The Love On Unique Gear, Packing Lists. Travel Acc

Light Adventures. Sustainable Travel. Lighten Your Load.

We are choosing to make a difference so that as you travel, you can have minimal impact.  We source products that will last a lifetime. 

Packing Light. Sharing The Love On Travelling Light With Unique Gear To Add To Your Packing Lists. Travel Accessories. For the Independent Traveller.

We Are Inspired About The Future.  Travel Products That Do Not Impact Our Future.Our Planet.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

You want to travel light right? Keep visiting Light Adventures. We are inspired to find you the best travel gear as 'packing light for travel'  is our mantra.