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I became the Australian/NZ distributor of the new ION5 Toothbrush, after a month of using it, as my instinct kicked in and my teeth and gums felt very different. BUT the best thing of all is that the brush lasts a lifetime, it is eco friendly, sustainable and you don't need to carry toothpaste, you can brush anywhere..as no water needed.

It's a must. No toothpaste. No water. No flossing required. No impact on the environment. Lasts a lifetime. The brushes do need replacing every 3-4 months. And the brushes we recommend be dropped off at oral care recycling points throughout the country. 

Please take a moment to read the Soladey website & seriously start thinking about travelling light.

This trusty toothbrush stays in my day bag, in its travel cap. I love it. Hope you do too. Give it a go! Money back guarantee if after 45 days you are not happy. 

The ION5 Toothbrush requires NO water. No toothpaste. No Flossing. Just needs Light to do its magic.


The new ION5 Toothbrush has just arrived on our shores. It is the re-branded JX3 soladey toothbrush. Given that there are cheaper Chinese copies,   this is the ORIGINAL Japanese design. Soladey is committed to keeping  the price price standardised worldwide. If you see a Soladey ION5 toothbrush cheaper please email , you may be buying a copy which does not have the same effects.

It has aesthetic appeal and ease of carriage on your person or in your handbag by virtue of the design and simple protective brush case.  All worthy practical considerations in these busy times. 

The ION5 toothbrush has a titanium rod that runs through the replaceable bristle head into its handle. It is activated by light & your own saliva. It has a medical grade stainless steel body in 5 colors blue, coral orange, violet, charcoal and gum tree beige.  
Designed in tech-savvy Japan and now a leading development around the world, the ION5 is a new dental hygiene solution. Works on tough dental stains, encourages white teeth and the rod lasts a lifetime with care.  
Comes in 5 great colors, 2 brushes and a compact protective brush head cover.

We have a worldwide commitment to ensure the integrity of the product with a standardised price subject to exchange rates and freight costs. If after 45 days you are not completely satisfied, send it back to us for a refund.  


Further reading about the new ION5 www.soladey.com

The Minipresso is a must!

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Portable Expresso Machine? Yup! Packing Light is our priority. One  full scoop makes a perfect espresso shot. We are always on the search for great travel gifts for campers, whether you are walking El Camino, hanging out under the stars, 4WD or travelling around our great country in style. Sustainable travel ideas.. Savvy right?

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soladey ion5 toothbrush gets rid of plaque no toothpaste no water lasts a life time solar forever

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We Are Inspired About The Future. Finding You The Best Travel Gear. Having travelled our way across the globe we want you too, to be a travel minimalist. It's liberating to travel light. 

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Whilst We will Inspire You To Travel Light, We are also Inspired by Local Products that are eco friendly, sustainable, made by creative minds. Drop Us A Line.

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Light Adventures is excited to announce that we have partnered up with the Dolphin Research Institute. 

We will donate $1 from every brush sold to the Dolphin Research Institute  If you love Dolphins as much as we do, you can donate and even gift your loved ones by 'Adopting A Dolphin'  for Christmas this year!


'A friend recommended the Ion5 to me about 18 months ago. I bought a cheaper version off eBay, thinking it was an older model. Straight away, there was moisture trapped inside it and I later found out it was a Chinese knock off. Within 18 months it broke, so I invested in a genuine Ion5. The difference in quality is SO obvious! Plus I have peace of mind with the Ion5’s lifetime warranty. 

Rae - Sydney (New South Wales)


'I've just completed my first brush - my mouth has never felt or tasted so clean, and there's no after-brushing furry feel. My teeth look so polished, almost sparkling. I'm so happy when a product lives up to its own hype, and when customer reviews are proven to be true.' 

Veronica - Regency Park (South Australia)


 "I chose an Ionic toothbrush after searching for published scientific research on the effectiveness of alternative toothbrush technologies". 

Dr J. Ph.D Southbank Victoria

Current Specials

Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Maker 


News - The ‘Soladey-3’ found on eBay and Amazon is NOT our product.

Please Note

The ‘Soladey-3’ found on eBay and Amazon is NOT our product, it is an unauthorized import produced in China and is designed for the Asian market. The ‘Soladey-3’ has a smaller brush handle and does not come with any guarantee. Please ensure you purchase the Soladey Ion5 ionic toothbrush that is manufactured in Japan to ensure the correct brush size, product guarantee, and avoid inferior unauthorized products.

Ion5 FAQs

Is the Ion5 ionic toothbrush safe for children to use?

Yes, absolutely. The Ion5 is perfectly safe and gentle for children to use, and smaller softer “Child” brush heads are available. Many parents feel that the Ion5 has helped to reduce the time their children spent at the dentist. It is toothpaste-free, which eliminates exposure to toothpaste chemicals, foaming agent and abrasives. 

Will my teeth become yellow if toothpaste is not used?

Despite all the toothpaste whitening claims out there, healthy teeth are naturally off-white in colour, and excess brushing or chemical whiteners can be abrasive to your teeth and gums over time. Light brushing with the Ion5 ionic toothbrush helps restore the original colour by removing bacteria and plaque, resulting in lighter shades of teeth. If you do want to use toothpaste for taste, only a very small amount is required. New low abrasion, natural ingredient toothpastes and oils are recommended. 

Do I still need to floss?

Absolutely. Flossing cleans the hard-to-reach areas between your teeth and gums. The advantage created by the Ion5 ionic technology is that it scientifically removes plaque just like a magnet pulling particles out of a narrow gap. Users often find that flossing is easier after using our Ion5 ionic toothbrush. If you wish to cut down the frequency of flossing, our “Tapered” brush head is designed to reach in between the gumline, which helps massage and remove finer particles that may not be reached by non-tapered brush head bristles. The “Tapered” bristles combine both the thickness of standard fibres and a finer cluster. 

Does the Ion5 ionic toothbrush need batteries or charging?

No! The Ion5 is solar-powered and light-activated. Standard bathroom lighting is sufficient enough to activate the natural ionic cleaning action. If you can use the Ion5 in sunlight, then this is even better. Light captured by the solar panel is passed inside the brush handle to the brush head, where the ionic cleaning magic happens. No batteries needed, no mechanical parts to worry about, much better for our environment compared to generic electric toothbrushes. 

Is the ion generating Ti02 Ion5 brush head safe?

Yes, absolutely. The Ion5 brush head is globally patented and clinically tested. It is manufactured using titanium dioxide (TiO2), and there are no nano-particles emitted. Our TiO2 ion-generating brush head neither dissolves nor corrodes in water, so it is perfectly safe for your and your family. With over 2,500,000+ satisfied users to date, not a single health concern has been reported. 

What is the life-span of the Ion5 ionic toothbrush?

With proper use and care, your Ion5 ionic toothbrush will last a lifetime! We recommend that you replace your brush heads every 3 to 4 months. And because the natural ionic cleaning process requires less harsh scrubbing to clean your teeth and gums, some users report only having to replace their brush heads every 4 to 5 months. This makes the Ion5 a very economical choice for natural oral care. 

Can my Ion5 toothbrush be used to clean teeth that are not original, such as porcelain-fused metal crowns?

Yes! The Ion5 toothbrush will effectively reduce plaque and provide an antibacterial effect even on modified teeth.

Can the Ion5 toothbrush be used with braces or a plate?

Yes, absolutely. The Ion5 ionic toothbrush will help neutralise bacteria for those using braces. Brush carefully to avoid damaging the materials on the braces. Remove mouth plate prior to brushing and make sure the plates have been cleaned before replacing them in the mouth.

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